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I really do not know how this book came into my hands, but as usual, once I started I could not stop until I see the last page. This is not the typical romance book, it is not self-help book, is not for fat or skinny people, but still you can identify with the starring character the gives a strong message.

Hayley is from Santa Monica, California, but that does not fit in the profile of any Californian girl, you know, with boob-job, nose-job, butt-job, brainless-job XD ok that last one I made it up; but there’s more silicone in them that in the Silicon Valley itself; she instead is plump, pale, curly hair, with any plastic surgery on her medical record and with the great curse or the blessing, to have a pretty face, therefore the name of the book.

She lives with her parents, and her mother the responsible, to make her reason about her weight issues with every word that came out of her mouth every second of the day and night; Hayley does not care about her weight, and deals with high school as best as she can, until her parents decide to give her a break and send her away to Italy for her summer vacation.

She goes there with a self-imposed goal in mind, which she is sure will not comply: to lose weight, or at best, not gain any further, the whole experience of being in a foreign country with people who are not family terrifies her but at the same time encourages her to take charge of her own life, to make changes in her, to learn how experience that foreign country; and she ends up falling in love with everything and everyone, but especially Lorenzo who sees her not just as a pretty face but also as a beautiful woman, completely from head to toe.

It’s a really cute story, very light, is 100 percent summery, I read it in one day, the book is really short and the story is quite entertaining, I laughed a lot of her jokes and things that happen to her, because she does not fit at all in Santa Monica. For sure, you do not get bored.