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Ok, I admit it, the title attracted me -first-hand- when I knew that TayTay will be starring the movie based on this book. But after starting to read it and after reading the synopsis a few months ago, one click led to another and I stopped from reading Cosmopolis, to begin with Incarceron.

To those who do not know me, I say it; I am very selective about what I read, I usually devour the romantic stories in one or two days, but I’m also a fan, of super crazy and unbelievable stories, and this book has much of the last feature I look for in a book. Once I realized how the story was going, I could not disengage me from it, I had to finish it and in four days I achieved my mission.

Incarceron is not at all something I had never ever imagined, is a tender story but is also very dark, which leads Finn on an adventure filled with near-death experiences -in more than one occasion-, though he is determined to break free from the prison, knowing that it is an impossible mission, but he do not allowed to be defeated and in his way is joined by Keiro, Gildas and Attia, they all take care and help Finn even though at the beginning and near the end of the book, no one believes he could really leave Incarceron.

Parallel to the story of Finn inside Incarceron, exist Claudia’s story who lives out of the prison, but her obsession or tenacity for Incarceron, connect her with Finn in a way she never would have dreamed; Claudia lives full of luxury -one in particular that took me several tears-, she can see the stars, something that Finn has dreamed all his life for experiencing. She is in a very central position within a Kingdom full of lies, poses, costumes and protocol, that she disgust and repugnancy, but the true mission of Claudia is not to become Queen of that place but to change things, so she longs to liberate Finn above all things.

Incarceron consists of 464 pages full of intrigue, drama and lots of sweat. So far the author ad said, it is a trilogy, of which couldn’t find the release date, or title of the third book. I am currently reading Sappique, the second volume of the trilogy; hopefully soon we have news of the movie and obviously about the third volume.