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After the long waiting is almost coming to a close, I can not express, what my expectations are, for this film, I hope not to boring 😛 but this film is very special to me, regardless of whether “it is worth” to see it or not, to me this film is a success already

Certainly for every Twilighter the premiere of Breaking Dawn Part 1, is a very eagerly awaited event, I remember when was announced that the fourth volume of books –Breaking Dawn-, would be divided into two parts, the countdown apps dialing amazing numbers, and now at least one of them, have a more realistic number.

This four-volume of the series is a very, very long book, which is divided into three parts; and emotionally speaking all the main characters we have known since the first volume, the Cullens, Wolves, the Swan and even the humans, got really interesting changes, that go from one intense emotion to another, from paragraph to paragraph, also in the third part of the book -Breaking Dawn- are added to the story at least 20 new characters, mostly vampires and a few humans.

But specifically in Breaking Dawn Part 1, which is the one to be released soon, I think by now is not spoiler to mention that, there are some EPIC moments in the story which are very dramatically and I will mention here some of them; attention if you have not read the book, I recommend you to do it before you arrive to the theater, although if you want to go “spoiler free” into the cinema, then stop reading this article.

1 – The Wedding
2 – The Honeymoon
3 – Pregnancy
4 – Jacob’s Pack
5 – The birth

Each of these moments we have seen some sneak peeks in the trailer and in the TV spots, also we have read some reactions from the actors and the director but, there are some moments between each of those scenes that have not been mentioned and apparently may come to pass without mention in the screen, so I’m going to mention here.

1 – Edward ask for Bella‘s hand to Charly
2 – Bella preparing herself to become the “bride”
3 – Jacob’s fight, when say goodbye to Bella
4 – Kaure and Gustavo, Kaure is important because she argue with Edward
5 – Fight between Jacob and Sam, when Jake refuses to follow Sam’s orders
6 – Edward begs Jacob talk to Bella
7 – Relationship between Jacob and the Cullen
8 – Leah screams at Bella because of Jacob
9 – The hate-hate relationship between Rosalie and Jacob
10 – Jacob walking around the Park
11 – Jacob imprinting on Renesmee

I do not want to dig into the descriptions of each scene, but if you have read the book, you will understand perfectly what I mean, these are also important scenes, that shape the story and I think have been neglected from us, so we just focus in the other scenes, which are the most important obviously, because had been expected since we finished reading Twilight, and that only now we will see them on the screen and performed by actors of flesh and bone.

I hope and trust that Bill Condon, -the director of both films-, managed to fill our expectations, but from what I’ve seen I know he will; but I must say that I tend to break down each scene and catch every detail possible to give an opinion as objective as possible, so Bill prepare yourself  to be over analyzed.

We will read us again when I publish my official review, obviously after I see the movie, this next November 18.