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With a pre-release day quite empty –which is bad thing- since I saw the room half full. Besides the cinema projected over 20 minutes entirely on commercials! Not even trailers! When finally appeared the curtain from ‘Corazon Films’ on screen, I knew the moment I been waiting for had arrived.

The introduction of the Summit -aka who gets all my money- Entertainment logo, it usual have a different design with each delivery and with Breaking Dawn was no exception, it was very different and at the same time mysterious, full of fluffy clouds and dark ink, mixed with shades of red and pink.

The film can easily be fragmented into three blocks, the wedding, the honeymoon and the pregnancy, first I will try to give my objective critic, and later I’ll publish an entirely subjective review, on which I will unleash my Twihard side XD anyway hopefully you will not get bored with this first one.

All the thing of the wedding preparations, decorations, clothing, makeup, is something really fast, it was interesting to see how a family of vegetarian vampires, create a wedding, something that is purely human and common, was very sweet and intimate, I found it as a clear example of how to make a wedding for a few guests, but giving it a spectacular and simple style at the same time. Now about the guests, the Denali completely shines while the humans were able to leave a good taste in that scene.

The Honeymoon is pretty slow, possibly different from any other ever seen before in a movie, but it was fun to see this couple so unbalanced, move around in a total foreign place, rather than their usual cloudy Forks. Obviously for those who have not read the book, the honeymoon will seem the most bland and stupid scene of all, but I was very amused by it. We also have to mention the extra points Robert Pattinson scored by speaking Portuguese, wow was so damn… good!

After everything is so lovely, it begins the most intense part, full of fights, arguments and tears, many tears from all, Bella, Edward and Jacob, the three created an exciting climax and which is impossible at first starting with Jacob turning against his pack leader, then Edward begging for Bella’s life to Jacob and finally Bella trying to survive the event, supposedly to be the most beautiful thing could ever happen to any woman.

About the pack, despite what other reviewers say, I think the most difficult scenes apart from the birth scene, are when the full pack interact in their wolves shapes, Bill Condon did a brilliant job by showing that mental communication between them, transporting it to a level that we all could understand, and the scene of the battle between vampires and wolves near the end of the movie was surprisingly unexpected and totally necessary.

On the performances level, the top three are much more comfortable in their characters, perhaps being more than 6 months locked down, shooting both films at the same time has its benefits for them, although I think it would be best to say that Condon achieve to get from them the essence of each character, not just the trio, but from the entire cast.

On the music, the score and soundtrack, in charge of Mr. Burwell and Alexandra Patsavas; first score emphasize each emotion, though only two or three tracks dislike me. Then the fact that the soundtrack is so good, makes you barely notice that detail in the score, as each piece from the soundtrack made the scenes and emotions were remarkably beautiful, therefore fulfilling its role within the film, Alexandra Patsavas get the credit for giving us such amazing selection of songs.

About birth and transformation scenes, both visually went beyond what was expected of a typical chick-flick, achieving the necessary to set the exact amount of terror, fear, frustration and anxiety in the midst of such rare and extreme labor. The transformation on the other hand, shows only a detail of Bella’s internal suffering, though in the outside, all look very easy and simple. And I cannot stop mention the imprint effect, was the right expression and the performance of Taylor Lautner on the epic moment, is just as described in the book.

Overall and in conclusion, Breaking Dawn has been the movie –of the 4- so far, has been the most attached to the book, has the most crucial scenes and also added different angles from the described in the book, but they do nothing more than to enrich the film. If I rated with stars, this film would have 4 of 5 stars.