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Jake Gyllenhaal and Vera Farmiga starred in an exciting film that involves a man and a beautiful girl played by Michelle Monaghan, whose are traveling on a train which explodes. The Spanish title is “8 Minutes before Death.”

The interesting thing about the whole film is the desperation of the character portrayed by Jake Gyllenhaal, that has to discover with just eight minutes of life, who is the responsible for blowing up the train and why. The plot is really intriguing, keeps you on the edge of suspense, it makes you try to guess who may be responsible for such attack.

Vera Farmiga, is really intense despite spending the most of her time, sitting in front of a monitor talking to his agent -Gyllenhaal- via a communicator. And the end is very, very intense, totally unexpected, really complete, I really liked.

This movie has something for everyone, action, suspense, a sophisticated plot, science fiction and a little bit of romance. I recommend a lot, to watch with the whole family.