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Oh no! Melancholia, uff!! It was really all a disaster, this film is a nightmare, for me at least, too much to take, it seems that Lars Von Trier has seen one of my nightmares and put it in this film, which one… I’ll not say it, if you know me, you know which one I’m talking about.

Although Melancholia is only a planet, a very beautiful indeed, I think the whole film itself is full of that feeling, along with existential crisis, personal fears and mental problems. It is a very slow film, being an author movie, that was expected, but well, the movie caught me since the poster, where we see a bride surrounded by water and swamp lilies, that single picture, was the reason why I wanted to see it, even though my dad told me that was bad.

After the disaster that has been promoting this film, thanks to the mouth of the director, which suffers chronic diarrhea, the film is quite salvageable, although it seems that Kirsten Dunst specified in each contract at least one scene of full nudity, otherwise, she doesn’t accept the role, but apart from that, the movie is pretty decent, and I think the main role is the sister Clare, played by Charlotte Gainsbourg, who really caused concern and anxiety in me, with her magnificent performance.

For another side the so mentioned and praised Alexander Skarsgård aka True Blood “hottie”, I’m not pleased at all, and as hot he has nothing, although I think it was more for his character, in general, if they would have put Sam Worthington instead surely all the girls would had end up drooling over him, but well, hopefully it will last many years with his role in True Blood, because if is not the case, I doubt that we see him in any more movies.

Well, to finish throwing venom, let’s say if you like existentialist drama and apocalyptic topics, this will be your favorite movie, but if on the other hand you just look for fun, look for another movie and never ever see Melancholia.


Translated by Ashley