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In Fast & Five, the former police Brian O’Conner (Paul Walker) will have as a partner to the ex-convict Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel), both standing on opposite sides of the law. Now, hidden in the edgaes of Rio de Janeiro, must complete one last job to win their freedom. In this new and frenetic race, Dwayne Johnson joins the cast.

This hasn’t really been one of my favorites, but it is worth to mention that at least has one action sequence fairly long, difficult and interesting; although obviously mostly surreal, as always. This franchise has been more about showing the fastest cars, driven at extreme speeds against each other, without any real and important purpose or cause.

About the actors I can only say that Dwayne Johnson “The Rock”, is super awesome in that scene against Vin Diesel, although that most of the actors were over-acted and gave lame performances, was a great success to add The Rock, and to put some intensity into this so diluted and lack of intention plot.

Good luck for the next installment. Seriously you guys need to cast Kellan Lust *ejem* sorry I mean Lutz, Kellan Lutz.