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Since Lauren Kate announced the publication of this book, I assumed (based on the title) it would be a story about love, dah! But it ended up being that and more, much more.

I want to thank my little brother for having installed an .epub books reader. That was how I could read this very lovely book.

The book is divided into 3 volumes; first we see Shelby and Miles work on their relationship and how they end up together. Love Miles, he is super sweet and brainy, you cannot avoid to love him, is the kind of guy that is super shy but is so handsome that you fall for him completely; Lauren Kate also describes him so beautifully that make you want him to be real.

Although the volumes have its start and end, each is intertwined with Shelby and Miles also shown up Luce, Roland and Daniel, but we only get “see-read” what is happening with Shelby and Miles. In the second volume the story revolves around Arriane and Tess, this story surprised me, I don’t want to ruin you anything, and I’ll just say that if you are homophobic, better not read it.

In the same way that in the volume 1; on volume 2 Luce appear as well as Daniel and Cam, Roland, Shelby, Miles, and Arriane. I so loved that Arriane is so passionate and so crazy about the love of Luce and Daniel, I want a friend like her!!!; And obviously everything is developed around our favorite couple Luce and Daniel, and about how it happen a whole chain of events to ensure that they have the greatest, most magical and most unique Valentine’s Day of all eternity.

I must clarify that I am not a fan of the date “St. Valentine” but this is a fantasy book,  so happy and give it a 1000 rating, is really beautiful.

Now in volume 3, we read things from Luce’s POV, Bill appears again so if you haven’t read PASSION, run for it before reading FALLEN IN LOVE, Daniel is obviously uff!!! like OMG!!!, girls do not want to ruin you the book and the truth is that I lack of words to express all, I can only assure you that you will cry rivers (like me) when you read how Lucinda Price and Daniel Grigori celebrated the one and only February 14th of 1800 (I don’t have the exact year) in England, the most beautiful and most romantic EVER!!!!!

Well I hope you like and go right away to read FALLEN IN LOVE, by the way was perfect to release it before Valentine’s Day, although I read it near the end of February; and by far this book is the best thing Lauren Kate has written until today, but there is still Rapture to read.

Love ya