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I kept reading this interesting and somewhat tangled story, after finishing Incarseron and I was not disappointed.

In Sapphique, the story is developed through the eyes of Attia and Keiro within Incarseron, telling everything they have to go through to survive, now that Finn has abandoned them, and even born between them a bond of friendship that keeps them alive, believing in a promise from Finn, that he will return for them to get them out of that hell.

On the other side with Claudia, read page after page, the uncertainty and insecurity that Finn brought with him out of the prison. The Queen by the other hand, not giving a single break nor to Claudia or Finn, as well as the pressure that relays on Master Sapient Jared; and the inner struggle that Finn has to remember Giles and try to revive him in himself. Wow!

Intense emotions are living within and outside Incarseron the reality of the Realm. Are developed several random stories, which create some questions and easily keep you thinking, and certainly make us believe that there is one more volume for these books, which would make Incarseron a trilogy.

The date or title about this possible third volume, is not out yet, but there is a statement by the author, she mentions it in her official website, says that certainly she will work or is working on the Incarseron final volume. There is nothing else to do but wait, for the official announcement be made by the library or the author herself on her official website.

Meanwhile, I highly recommend you read these books, which are primarily for children, so if you have nephews, cousins and young children, this will be a very good gift.