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For over a year, I’ve been waiting for this book, now at last got it, it took me over two months to read it, and more than a week to finish it.

Yes, it is interesting, and Yes, is worth reading, but only if you already read the first book, and No, I cannot wait for the arrival of the third volume, why? Because I thought the story was worth enough for only two books and not THREE, also this second volume is fill up, pages and pages of nonsense that do not lead to anything nor the characters or the story.

Usually once a series or trilogy gets me, is very easy to talk about it or write reviews, but the truth is that this story has not been that way, it’s interesting, different and relevant, among a heap of novels released daily, for the simple fact that the protagonist is a dragon, but the love story does not convince me at all, also I’m so fed up with Jacinda’s lack of character, and annoyed me that they put Tamra on the cover, although the book is not based on her.



If the author had changed the POV, I would have loved her; Tamra goes through so many things in this book, when we do not see the 90% of it, because we are reading only what happens in the dull life of Jacinda-without-Will. A special mention, goes to Cassian, who is much more relevant than Will, which I do not like since Will is supposed to be the boyfriend of the protagonist, though the scenes of Cassian are the most intense. I did not even get excited about the motel scene where Jacinda and Will, almost seem to do something relatively intense, which was the climax between the protagonists.

I just read it because I read the first one; you see, I usually once I read the first book, I must read the second and third books, otherwise I feel that I didn’t give the opportunity to the series and the author deserve to gain my love. Anyway I recommend it, only if you read the first volume, or if there aren’t best books or have nothing more to sink your teeth in, or else if you are like me and feel compelled to read the second volume.