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The covers caught my attention after seeing them in more than 10 different sites and in several emails in my inbox, I thought it would be something very dark for my taste, or worse that would be about vampires or zombies, but to my fortune I ended very surprised.

This book had several pros that lead me to finish it, and so now I want to read the rest of the series.

1. This narrated by a boy, Ethan.

2. Ethan is not at all handsome type of school.

3. Lena seems literally a black hole, wears black clothes from head to toe.

4. Nothing is what it seems in little old Gatlin.

5. Skepticism is underrated nowadays.

It would never have crossed my mind that a book could take on both sides of the coin, first shows a story of love, so sweet, young, innocent -with small doses of hotness-, like no other that I had read -until day-, and on the other it shows and introduces us to a very dark world full of frighteningly evil characters, re-inventing old concepts and mythical or fantastic creatures, within a current context and full of skepticism and ignorance.

Lena is a very special girl, usually in any other love story, the boy is the one who flees to accept that he has feelings for the girl, because it basically is “weak” for men to admit they are in love, well with Ethan that is not a problem, and the conflict in the relationship always comes by Lena who rejects him, scares him away at all costs, which for some strange reason, makes it all very cute and very romantic, at least for me.

I still have three more volumes and a novel to read from this series, but so far I think there is way much more material to develop in this books, obviously the series has already been completed, pretty successfully, let hope that this enthusiasm will last me until the last book, which indeed I think will be the case, only if Lena is still with Ethan at the end of the second book, then for sure I’ll read everything until the last page of the fourth book.

If you like gothic-tinged stories, personality conflicts, generational disputes and romance, the series ‘Beautiful Creatures‘, surely will caught you, can write it on your list of books to read this 2012, but set it before the end of the world = P