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Well more like than fangirl, I saw it two times already, minimum and I’m going for more. Jane Eyre is one of my favorite classics, but I will not lie I’ve only read it once, but I remember the story pretty well. And obviously when I knew that it would make a film version of it, I had been waiting patiently for its release.

Until a few weeks –months- ago I could see it and I wasn’t be disappointed, Michael Fassbender is impressive as Mr. Rochester, Mia Wasikowska  as Jane is really refreshing, simple and brilliant, has been perfect cast for the character. Judi Dench is an interesting piece and very, very valuable in this cast full of young rising stars, such as Jamie Bell along with Holliday Granger, together have achieved a great product.

Obviously this film is aimed to please fans of the book written by Charlotte Brontë in London, England in 1847, which has become a classic of English literature. I really liked this adaptation, which leave nothing out, is pretty much stick to the original story, though it has jumps in the timeline, to make more interesting story, and to help with the story telling, something that is very appreciated, since this book has been adapted on several times before, as much or more than Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

Something that disappoint me, was the poor advertising campaign, from the distributor to sell this movie, both virtually and in theaters, this movie could had given so much to their pockets, but fell short of vision of the money they may earn from this classic of English literature. Honestly was their loss.

Jane Eyre, a highly recommended film for lovers of romance and mystery as well as for all those who have read and re-re-re-read the book XD