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Since many months before it was announced that there would be a film of this book, it was already my lists of books to read, but I really needed to see the trailer and some footage of the film, to get to read it and that day arrived.

There are so many reviews on so many sites on the net, talking about how awesome it is The Hunger Games, but the truth is that I didn’t know whether to believe it or not, and if you read every review, you realize that almost everyone speaks wonders of ALL the books, so I resisted and DID NOT READ ANY ONE.

Only read once or twice the synopsis, one in English and one in Spanish, months later when I finally decided to read this trilogy, I got all three books simultaneously in English, because obviously if I liked book one, I would have to read the second and the third one also; now just two weeks ago I started the book one and today I’m starting the book two, this way has been my journey through the trilogy by Suzanne Collins.

Honestly this trilogy is not my kind of book, because I am more for the romance-fantasy, although Katniss and Peeta were able to captivate me with the tragic love they have; the few nice words they give to each other, it managed to keep me reading until the end. Peeta is the cutest!! But on the other hand Gale, is a man!! Boy, Katniss has plenty to choose and **** SPOILER *** she doesn’t choose anyone in this book, but at least she doesn’t give them a resounding NO.***SPOILER****

This book has some very dramatic moments as the previous to the games, the plot is well developed, the lies and the deception are the most heart-racing. And I love the relationship she has with Gale, and then everything she goes through with Peeta; Katniss is leaded on a journey to the land of confusion, and she’s so innocent, so simple and open that costs her to maintain her charade, but I like that about her.

Then just as one might think they are safe, nothing is as it seems and everything is still a game, the real world becomes just a wider cage in which the characters have to develop; I get a little tiresome with the narrative of the history, the rhythm is pretty fast, is truly a hard working book, although is short and that avoids the tediousness, but I just wished the games were a little bit longer, the conclusion!!! it make me put my hands-on face and say * OMG! No way! *

Obviously after finishing the book one, immediately jumped to a book two; so later I’ll upload my review of Catching Fire, I have no more to say that, The Hunger Games is a book for those who like stories full of action, where the characters are very methodical, spontaneous and go forward; also if you enjoyed reading scenes charged with adrenaline and blood the THG trilogy is definitely for you.