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After an anxious wait for the release of this 4th and final installment of the Saga Fallen, so in between screams, grunts, laughter and many tears, I finished reading the book and OMDG, I was speechless. I will try to be brief -Yeah, uhu- because there is so much to talk about, but also I do not want (spoil u) the entire book 😛

In this last volume T_T Lucinda finally comes to understand completely the curse, which turns out to be HER curse, then the battle of the last 9 days is EPIC, and I insist that I will never get tired of reading how Daniel picks Luce up and takes her from one place to another by flying, each of these scenes, I love it!. I died =O when Luce finally begins to be an important piece of the story, ‘cause she had always been the damsel in distress, and everyone around her had been constantly watching over her.

Every step Luce’s takes, made her truly know who she is; the narrative is so simple, intimate and intriguing, that one cannot help but shed an occasional tear 😥 ; seeing how having experienced her other lives has given her many weapons to become that relevant piece in the game, which everyone around know she is, but no one can tell her, and I DIED ,really, I DIED at the time that is revealed, mainly because Daniel was with her every inch of that long road and because is so impressive so amazing.

With the inevitable come and go of the sunrises and sunsets, everything becomes a F *** ing mess, but at the same time things start to settle to make way for the final solution to avoid the end of the world and the entire universe, the recollection of the devices to determine the exact location of the fall is a total battle.

I was struck by the incursion of the Outcast, and I completely hate the Scale and the Elders, they were so nasty -I remember them and makes me angry- and even try to delay Luce, and turns to help her be stronger and do things beyond what she thought was capable of.

Besides the angels who had accompanied her all this time, play an important role in the process of Luce, to know her-real-self completely. Roland, Cambriel, Annabelle and Arriane, are extremely helpful in this last trip with Lucinda; I could not love Arriane more for her passion and love for Daniel and Luce is indescribable. And I must say *** SPOILER ALERT *** Molly’s and Gabbe’s death made me T_T so much, I did not overcome the shock that they had died, until the end of the book *** SPOILER ALERT *** T_T

On the other hand the original identity of Luce, I was surprised but I kind of knew it already, because of many leads that Lauren had given us in the previous books, and what indeed almost make me cry out OHMYDEARGOD! Was to know what was her place in the beginning of everything, and to know why and how the fall was, and to know that she had much to do with it, and see her take control and take her responsibility to get rid of the curse, it was EPIC! !

I found it very right and correct the way Lauren Kate talks about what the main purpose of the of angels is, and how describes God and the throne; I agree much with her, in almost everything and obviously there are things that are completely false about the same two subjects; but in what may be truth, I really liked that a book with so much influence and distribution as this one tells about it.

And now about the final, final, final end, there is no way to describe it, I will just say it is PERFECT, love it and I cannot help to thinking that I would like to know more, but still… I love it. Kate Lauren gave us a very, very epic ending, every detailed, every line of all, was what I expected and even a bit more. Besides Daniel and Luce’s happy ending, every secondary character manages to have an end; I will not say a happy ending too but an ending well worthy and memorable.

Finally I would like to have another saga about Daniel and Lucinda, but do not think it really make it true T_T but I’m very happy with the whole saga and super happy with Rapture.


PS- Thank you to Aszhmick for translating this review, love ya!!! Thanks.