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Kiwi indie pop sensation Kimbra is back with a new single and a whole lot of colour!

After shaking the pop music blogosphere last year with her breakthrough single ‘Settle Down’, the quirky artiste is now back to charm us with a summery new single ‘Cameo Lover’.

This week, Kimbra chats with me on JOY 94.9‘s Diff’rent Strokes about the brilliant new song and video, and when we can expect her debut album Vows.

Download the show podcast or read on for the full interview here:

Dave: So tell me about the new single ‘Cameo Lover’.

Kimbra: Well, it’s a funny  one. It’s been through a few manifestations before it got to this point. I came up with the idea when I was writing in America and I finally found a home for it in the last year. It pulls on a few different areas – it’s…

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