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After reading Starcrossed and end up pinned with Lucas, I had to wait about a year to read Dreamless, so here is my review.

At the beginning everything is very tangled, in the first book we understand that the primary work of Helen is to travel to the underworld to find the Furies, but she didn’t know how to find them or what to do to find them; and are indeed those trips she does every night, which at the beginning of the book it did not fall into place, because I didn’t understand if it was reality or was a dream, or what the hell was going on in this sequel, but after a few pages, the book begins to takes shape, you have to be patient when you start reading it.

It annoyed me that the author put other stories in the book, in fact I’m not interested in the least to know what happens with Tantalus and his wife, Mildred, I don’t care about the insignificant human life of Zack or what Automenon thinks, honestly I didn’t like that at all. I would have loved that she tell us more about, how is Hector now that he is out of the House of Thebes, or know more about the plans and movements of Daphne to protect Helen, but above all, WHERE THE HELL WAS LUCAS!!!! That I would have loved to know.

About Helen’s journey and her learning in the underworld, I found it absolutely right the appearance of Orion to create a love triangle, although the truth is that feels totally ridiculous, obvious and so New Moon, that after a while it becomes predictable but anyway, Orion appears to make us drool, because the guy apparently is a real Adonis, mixed with a Casanova, but turns out be quite a … well you decide, I will not say more about him, it worth’s pretty much to read the whole book only for him -Orion-.

Now about the main plot of the book, I was very surprised that despite having as much help from many people, to count with the support of the Delos family and others, Helen achieves to do everything, alone since only she can go back and forth physically from the underworld; there are many funny parts like when she was expelled from Hades or when she disguised as a fairy, on the other hand, the climax of the book is very, very exciting, and that kept me on the edge of my bed XP and really excited as only a book can do it.

In general the book is quite slow and a little bit predictable, but it is worth getting to the end; about the romance, that’s what I most look forward in a book, this time was very much missed about the romance between Luke and Helen, I hope the author compensates my patience filled with romance scenes on the third book XD


PS- Thank you to Aszhmick for translating this review, love ya!!! Thanks.