Hace ya varios meses redacte esta letra en base a mi oido, posiblemente tenga errores, les agradecere si me los indican y con gusto lo modifico.


Love came down and make me heal
Love swallow up all every fears
Love teach me be on your ways
Love To know the deps of your grace

Cause I was made for great things
I was made for love
The heavens all around me
To dance with eternity //

Joy moving inside of me
Joy Light that makes darkness flee
Joy Teach me be on your ways
Joy I’ll be with u all my days

What bears All things
Believes all things
Is one love that we need
What Hopes all things
Endures all things
The love that never fade

It’s his love////////

Canto espontáneo

Can touch his love
Is made for u and I
Is like walking in water together
It was made especificly
for u and I
To come together as we are in this place
//worship our father //

//Cause He is so good to us//

///Oh sons and daughters got a good father ////

And he made us to be loved
And he made us to be free
To overcome the enemy ///

Out god has fight it for u

He is never giving up on u////…

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