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This is the second installment of this saga, I liked it but at the same time it confused me, though was better and at the same time was worse, you see I am confused.

According to reviews I read on other blogs, the second book is completely out of the original story, so I did not get my answers regarding the end of the first book, that annoyed me a lot.

The second book, is okay, but wasn’t awesome, the society described in this volume of the series, did not liked me at all, on the other hand, Kira is really charming, full of very good values and principles; Matt is a little boy, crazy and rude, that kind of kid that always exist in all neighborhoods, he is curious and funny.

About the story of the book, I still think, wasn’t worth the wait. Through all the reading, I was always looking for a connection, that could lead the third book, but it never end up fall in place, and the main point is that this story didn’t seem, strong enough to fill the space between volume one and volume three, at least not for me.

Near the end of the book, we get to see the connection, between this second volume and the first one, this connection is very vague, it makes us have more questions but at least is something.

It’s really a good book, leaves you thinking a lot about that society, about Kira, and Matt, and about Kira’s father, etc., several things are still  buzzing in my mind, which means that the book, actually, causes an effect on the reader.

Here is the link to download the book.  Gathering Blue – Lois Lowry (Right button, “save as”).


Note: The book I could only managed to find it on English, courtesy of my friend PamelaPPI (she’s really a life-saver, what would I do without you girl!), so if you are Spanish speaker and u have it, roll it to the community 😛

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