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This book I saw it several times on some blogs I’ve visited, the first thing that attracted me was the cover, I found it interesting, but at the time mysterious, did not reveal almost nothing about the plot, except the sword and I assumed the story would have something to do with fighting and war.

I just finished it a week ago, right after the saga of Lauren Kate, I jumped into Kristin Cashore saga, like the previous series, I was not disappointed.

Katsa the main character left me speechless, I had not met a character like her never before, she is a little out of the canon of the lady in distress, and Po did not look extremely beautiful, as a prince should look, but yet the two characters -y the end of the book- I love them.

I love the concept of gracelings, they are super interesting and super intriguing, you never know what kind of grace you’ll find, and that keeps the book compelling and somewhat addictive, once you start do not want to stop, because at the turn of a page you may see a new character, a new grace, a new dialogue that will engage you more, another fight between Po and Katsa, that made you gasp in surprise.

In general, the drama is intense, but easy to digest and understand, Po seeks answers about the kidnapping of his grandfather and Katsa wants to be free of his uncle, so she stop being and doing what she had until that time, and begins a journey next to Po to discover her purpose and to find love.


The most intense scenes were, first when Katsa realizes which is Po’s gracel and when unwittingly  with nor desire Katsa discovers, she is in love with him. Wow I cry with these two scenes, and there are other scenes too, but those two were the most stronger in the book that caught me.


Near the end I suffered a lot because I’d not see right to where the author was driving the characters, but even that I was not satisfied with the end, it seemed right and proper, leaving things unset to retake’em on the second book, but later I found out, that Fire the second book is not a continuation of Graceling.

However the book is very good, I liked a lot, I hope that you too, you know I leave you here the link, thanks for reading me.  Kristin Cashore – Graceling ENG (to click the right button and save link or save target as)